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On the 20th May 2017, Brothers and worthy visitors were invited to attend a most entertaining of Dinners at the Boisdale Club in Ecclestone Street.  

Brothers included Brother Elliot as President, Brother Buchanan as Bishop, Brother Tolstoy Snr Recorder, Brother Benson as Boots. 

This Sublime Society was overjoyed to see Brother Benson present at a dinner again after a near-death tragedy. His wife, in a moment of jealousy brought on by his all-consuming devotion to Beef, informed him that he looked very stupid in his Uniform. The slighted Brother Benson, feeling Byronically lugubrious, decided that the time had come to ascend to Valhalla. To this end, he gloomily perambulated to the end of his garden and in the vein of Romeo and Socrates, did ingest upon the hemlock leaf. 

Fortunately, he then thought better of this fate and swiftly retired to aphysician who saved his life. This was his first Dinner since that tragic episode and Members were mighty glad to see him upright, and like the Beef, hot and pink of cheek.

In this light, Brother Tolstoy Sbr saw fit to toast King Mithridates 6th who deliberately ingested much poison during his life to create immunity against that very method of assassination. However, when finally surrounded by his enemies and seeing that the end was nigh, he was unable to take his own life by ingestion of poison and ordered his slave to slay him. One hopes Brother Benson avoids the same fate!

Brother Elliot proved an excellent President, More Cato the Younger than Mithridates, he presided in an excellently stoic fashion, keeping the younger, baying members from succumbing to the seductive allure of senile somnolescence. 

Brother Tolstoy Snr was put in the White Sheet for a crime that could not be remembered but since he was also the Recorder and......... I can't write more on account of an accursed arthritic wrist!

A good evening was had by all, may Beef and Liberty be our reward!

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