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Our beloved album
Scroll through the pages of our history, the album has been digitised for posterity's sake.
The Life and  Death of the Sublime Society of Beefsteaks by Brother Walter Arnold 1756
The finest biography written about the society by Brother Walter Arnold.
click the arrows to the left to read hereor click the blue link at the bottom to expand the text to a full page.
Beef and Liberty by Ben Rogers
Roast Beef, John Bull and the English Nation.
A fascinating book drawing upon Britains insatiable appetite for Beef, from the Battle of Agincourt to modern times. I thoroughly recommend buying it and am trying to invite the author to a Dinner. 

Brother Hogarth's  Gin Alley

Various pieces of the Societys illustrious history. In no particular order currently. Click the 'pdf' image to download.
An interesting piece taken from the Sydney Morning Herald 1869. It talks about the only female President Peg Woofington.
A fascinating piece about Edward Heardson, the Society's first official cook. He was a bare knuckle boxer, Champion of all England and cooked exceptional steaks for the society from 1756 until his death, in the Society's dining room, in 1785.
A letter from Brother Yeowell penned in 1978, extolling the idea of donating pieces of art to the society. 
A Considerable chapter on the SSBS written by Neil Jenkins on his biography of Brother Beard

Brother Hogarth's Beer Street

A Google map of various places of interest for the Society

A map of notable places including all locations the Society housed themselves. Please click the map, it will redirect you to google maps
Various homes for the Society
A brief history of Brother Hogarth
A brief history of Brother Rich
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